Major Lifestyle Brand Elle Shows Some Love To Echo Hydrogen Water

Major Lifestyle Brand Elle Shows Some Love To Echo Hydrogen Water

Things have been good for Echo Hydrogen Water lately. We’ve been featured in podcasts like “The Ultimate Human” and NELK’s “Full Send” show. Kim Kardashian posted about us on social media. Dana White — president of UFC who took a few hits at Tom Brady’s roast on Netflix — drank from an Echo Go+ on a recent podcast. People are starting to understand the benefits of hydrogen water.

Now, Echo is getting another endorsement, this time from Elle, one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle brands in the world. Across all of its platforms, it reaches over 100 million people. 

The company’s food magazine Elle Gourmet featured Echo Hydrogen Water on page 10 of their Spring/Summer 2024 magazine entitled The Green Issue


Echo’s part in the magazine was fairly small, but Elle Gourmet’s website had a full article called “Elle Gourmet Loves Echo Go+ Hydrogen Enriched Water.” It provides a really good explanation about Echo Hydrogen Water and its benefits. You can find it at this link.

Echo Was Mentioned For Sustainability

Echo Hydrogen Water was the perfect thing for Elle Gourmet to talk about because the company focused on sustainability in its latest issue. The article begins by saying, “While reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles helps us all live a more sustainable life, the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle helps take water’s power to the next level by infusing it with hydrogen gas.”

We are grateful that Elle pointed this out because it’s something that we at Echo Hydrogen Water don’t talk about a lot. We focus so much on the benefits that hydrogen water has on our bodies that we sometimes lose sight of the extra benefit of sustainability.

In 2021, plastic water bottles accounted for 25 million tons of plastic waste, and most of that isn’t recycled. That’s why reusable water bottles like the Echo Go+ are so important. If we can cut down on disposable plastic water bottles, we can reduce waste overall. 

Elle Discussed The Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

If the water that comes from your sustainable bottle happens to have extra health benefits, maybe that can be an extra incentive for people. And yes, there are a lot of extra health benefits.

That hydrogen gas (H2) that you find in hydrogen water is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes harmful molecules known as free radicals, and it does this selectively. Some free radicals are actually beneficial to you, and hydrogen leaves those ones alone. Other antioxidants will sometimes destroy the good free radicals, and that can create other problems.

Hydrogen water has been studied by scientists from various disciplines. This is because its antioxidant properties can help in so many different ways, and Elle listed some of them:

  • Increases your performance in sports
  • Protects your brain
  • Positively influences gut health
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties

Elle Mentioned Two Different Echo Products

Echo Hydrogen Water usually promotes the Echo Go+ because it is the best product for people who just want to give hydrogen water a try. But we do have other products including the Echo Hydrogen Water Pitcher, which Elle mentioned as well.

Echo-Pitcher-w_nipple-e1602775317445-1_4eab0f53-6f0d-4f59-96c8-e0db14a1b6c1 - Echo Technologies


In both of these items, an electric current breaks down some of the water molecules. After this breakdown, some of the bonds that form are two hydrogen atoms coming together to create hydrogen molecules (H2). 

The Echo Go+ is designed to take anywhere you want to go. You can store it in your cupholder as you are driving your car. It’s also slim and lightweight, so carrying it around isn’t a burden. 

Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle - Echo Technologies


The Echo Hydrogen Water Pitcher is designed with families in mind. If you have children, and you want them to enjoy the benefits of hydrogen water along with yourself, the pitcher might be the perfect item for you.

Click here to get your own Echo Go+, and click here to get your own Echo Hydrogen Water Pitcher.
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  • Echo Was Mentioned For Sustainability
  • Elle Discussed The Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water
  • Elle Mentioned Two Different Echo Products

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