Fresh Vs. Packaged Hydrogen Water

Fresh Vs. Packaged Hydrogen Water

Susan Walker had been seeing all sorts of content about hydrogen water lately. On the H2O website, she read about all the health benefits it has, and she even saw a clip of it being talked about on Joe Rogan’s podcast

Now, she wants to give it a try. She goes to Google and types “Hydrogen Water” in the search bar. What she finds is a bunch of different products. Some of them — like the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle — produce hydrogen water using an electric current that breaks down water molecules.

But there are others that catch her eye. They are canned, bagged, or bottled. Hydrogen gas was added to the water during manufacturing. Those also sound like attractive options.

Susan is now stuck in indecision. She wants hydrogen water, but she’s not entirely sure which one has the best value.


Why Buy Hydrogen Water In The First Place

If you don’t know anything about hydrogen water, you might be wondering why Susan would want it at all. Doesn’t all water have hydrogen in it?

That is true. Water does have hydrogen within the individual water molecules, but hydrogen water is a little different. It contains both water molecules and separate hydrogen molecules, which are made up of only two hydrogen atoms paired with each other. 

Scientists have found that when hydrogen molecules enter your body, they have antioxidant effects, meaning they neutralize harmful molecules in your body. Because of this, hydrogen has a bunch of health benefits including increased alertness, reduced muscle soreness, reduced body fat, and so much more.

We talk about this in great detail in another blog post called What Is Hydrogen Water.

Packaged Hydrogen Water Doesn’t Have As Much Hydrogen

Some of those packaged hydrogen water products might be tempting to buy because of convenience, but they might not be as effective.

For one thing, most of them don’t have the same amount of hydrogen molecules as fresh hydrogen water that you get from the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle, which allows you to set how much you want. It ranges from 2.5-4.5 parts per million (ppm).

Now let’s take a look at some of the top packaged hydrogen water brands:

  • LOCK’DIN has 3 ppm.
  • H Factor starts at 2 and then settles at 1 ppm.
  • Elevate is between 3-4 ppm.

Elevate is the only one that can possibly compete with what you get with Echo Go+, but the problem is you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting out of the Elevate cans. Some of them may have 5. Others may have closer to 3. With the Echo Hydrogen Go+, you can get 4.5 ppm every time if you want.

Why Amount of Hydrogen Matters

One thing that scientists have found out about hydrogen water is that higher doses can be more powerful. On top of that, there don’t seem to be any side effects from increasing the amount of hydrogen in your water.

So, when you are comparing hydrogen water products, the amount of hydrogen you are getting is a big factor you should look at.

Hydrogen Is Lost Over Time

When we looked into the packaged hydrogen water brand, we were a little skeptical of the numbers that we saw. That’s because hydrogen gets lost to the air over time.

With the Echo Go+, we recommend drinking it as soon as possible once the hydrogen water is created. After 5-8 hours, the water contains half of the hydrogen it had. By about 10 to 15 hours, the hydrogen is almost completely gone.

The thing is, we don’t really know the manufacturing process of the packaged hydrogen water brands. The water could have been sitting around for a few hours before finally being poured into its container. By that time, it might only have half of the hydrogen it had in the beginning.

But even then, there’s no guarantee that the hydrogen won’t escape its container. It is the smallest element in the universe. This means it can get through the tiniest spaces.

The only way a container could possibly hold the hydrogen gas is if it’s made up of a special type of aluminum sheeting. If any part of the container is plastic — even just the part you drink out of — the hydrogen will be able to escape. 

Not every can has that special aluminum sheeting either, and aren’t sure if LOCK’DIN or Elevate is made from it.

By the time those packaged hydrogen water products get to you, you are probably just drinking regular water. It’s still good for you, but you could have saved your money and gotten it from your local grocery store.

Fresh Hydrogen Water Is More Environmentally Friendly

While the packaged brands do tend to use sustainable packaging, the fact that they are using any kind of disposable containers is an automatic downside in comparison to the Echo Go+.

You are still creating waste that still needs to be broken down or recycled. With the Echo Go+, the container is reusable. This saves space in your trashcan and reduces the overall waste you contribute to the landfill.


Huge Difference In Cost

The most compelling reason you should get a machine that creates fresh hydrogen water is the overall cost. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Echo Go+ - $249.99
  • H Factor - $41.79 for 12
  • LOCK’DIN - $34.97 for 12
  • Elevate - $42.75 for 12

Now, the Echo Go+ at face value is more expensive, but you also get virtually unlimited uses out of it. For the other ones, you are paying all that money for only 12 uses.

Let’s take the cheapest packaged hydrogen water, LOCK’DIN. It is $34.97 for 12 cans. If you had one can every day, you would last a little under three months before you paid just as much as the Echo Go+. 

Now, let’s say you want to have hydrogen water every single day of the year. If you did it with the Echo Go+, you would only pay $249.99. With the LOCK’DIN, you would pay $1,063.67. That’s a full month's rent!



Click here to order one of your very own Echo Go+ today, and start reaping the benefits of hydrogen water.
Table of Contents
  • Why Buy Hydrogen Water In The First Place
  • Packaged Hydrogen Water Doesn’t Have As Much Hydrogen
  • Why Amount of Hydrogen Matters
  • Hydrogen Is Lost Over Time
  • Fresh Hydrogen Water Is More Environmentally Friendly
  • Huge Difference In Cost

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