Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 7-14

Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 7-14

In our last article, we let you know what you can expect during the first seven days of consistently drinking hydrogen water out of your Echo Go+. Now that you’ve actually tried it, you may have already been experiencing health benefits, especially when it comes to fitness.

When you went out for a jog, you realized that it was a lot easier than it used to be, and your muscles aren’t as sore the next day as they have been in the past. Clearly something’s working.

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And guess what! It’s not over yet. Within the next week (days 7-14), you’ll experience even more positive effects, especially as you continue to drink it.

Hydrogen Water Helps Your Gut Microbiome

One amazing thing about your body is that you yourself aren’t the only living thing that enables it to work. Within your stomach, there are a bunch of really small organisms — including bacteria, viruses, and fungi — that ensure you are getting the proper digestion. They are called microbiota, and as it turns out, drinking hydrogen water over two weeks can increase certain kinds of it.

How do we know this? Well because of poop.

The Poopy Study

In a 2021 study, participants drank either regular water or hydrogen water over two weeks. Before the study, they gave a sample of their stool to the researchers — and no, we aren’t talking about a small chair you use to step on. When the two weeks ended, the participants took another stool sample and gave it to the scientists once again.

The researchers then analyzed the samples, and they found that hydrogen water significantly increased a certain type of bacterium called bifidobacterium. 

What Are Bifidobacteria?

Bifidobacteria are bacteria that come in a Y shape. They’re usually found in your intestines, and they’re very important.


The main function of these bacteria is they help you digest certain fibers and complex carbohydrates that your body doesn’t break down easily. They’ve been known to convert fiber into short chain fatty acids, which have a lot of different roles in your body including hunger suppression.

These bacteria also produce beneficial chemicals like B vitamins — which aid in cellular function — and they play a role in preventing infections.

Having more of this type of bacteria is so good for you, that some supplement companies sell it as a probiotic. You don’t need to buy that kind of product now because hydrogen water can help the bacteria increase naturally.

Hydrogen Water Helps Your Cardiovascular System

In your blood arties and blood vessels, there are little cells that line the walls called endothelial cells. They play a huge role in making sure your blood gets where it needs to go and ensuring that the proper proteins are placed into your blood. 

image of a normal artery

If something goes wrong with your endothelial cells, your blood vessels can constrict when they should be opening up. This can put you at risk for cardiovascular diseases and possibly even metabolic issues.

If you drink hydrogen water every day for two weeks, those endothelial cells will improve their function, which can help your blood flow.

Study About Endothelial Cells

In a 2020 study, researchers wanted to know whether hydrogen water would improve the function of the endothelial cells. 

They got 68 people and divided them into two groups. One group drank hydrogen water, and the other drank water that contained molecular nitrogen (N2). 

They tested something called the reactive hyperemia index or (RHI), which measured how quickly the blood would flow back into the arteries after being temporarily cut off. They put a measurement device on the participants’ fingers and cut off blood using a cuff. Then they released the cuff and recorded the rate at which the blood flowed back in.

After that, they gave the subjects their water treatment, waited for an hour, and then did the measurement again. The next day, they had the measurement taken again, and then they were given their water treatment. 

They were given that water treatment every day — a total of fourteen times — but they were only measured once more. The last measurement took place the day after their last water treatment.

They found that the blood flow increased in the hydrogen water group at both 24 hours and 2 week follow up. The placebo group didn’t show any significant difference.  

Hydrogen Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Going along with that last benefit, getting hydrogen into your body over a span of two weeks may lower your blood pressure, especially if you have hypertension.

When you go to the doctor’s office, and they put the blood pressure cuff on you, there are two different numbers they look at. When the top number is over 130 or the bottom number is over 80, this indicates that your blood pressure is too high. People with those kinds of numbers are said to have hypertension.

What Happens When Your Blood Pressure Is Too High?

The reason you would have high blood pressure in the first place is because your blood vessels close up, making it harder for your blood to flow. When this happens, your heart has to work harder to pump it, and that can lead to heart failure.

Other complications that can come about from high blood pressure include heart attack, stroke, life-threatening anyeurism, kidney problems, and more.

Hydrogen Study About Blood Pressure

In a 2022 study, participants with high blood pressure breathed in either hydrogen gas or normal air every day for two weeks. The gas was produced using a hydrogen air generator. The control group used a machine with a similar look, but it just blew regular air. 

They had their blood pressure taken before the treatment. Then they were told to breathe in the air for four hours every single day until follow up and record when they did so.

Researchers found that the group that breathed in hydrogen air showed a significant decrease in blood pressure. The top number on the right arm went from an average of 151.9 to 147.1, and the left arm went from 150.7 to 145.7. That’s a full five points! The placebo group, on the other hand didn’t see any significant change.

It’s important to note that this study was about inhaling hydrogen and not drinking hydrogen water. It’s ultimately the same kind of gas that gets into your body, so you may very well still see this effect from drinking it. But we couldn’t guarantee that you would get the exact same results unless there were more studies done.

How To Make Hydrogen Water

The easiest and most cost-effective way to make high-quality hydrogen water is through the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle. You simply pour distilled water up to the fill line, press the button once or twice — depending on the amount of hydrogen gas you want — and then you just wait for a few minutes for the machine to make hydrogen water.

It does this through a system of electrolysis where it breaks apart water molecules and recombines some of the hydrogen atoms to make hydrogen gas (H2). 

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