Echo Go+ Reviewed by YouTube Influencer Pigmie

Echo Go+ Reviewed by YouTube Influencer Pigmie

We always knew the Echo Go+ was better than any other hydrogen water bottle on the market, but now we have even more confirmation. 

Lucas Ball or "Pigmie" is a YouTuber with a follower count of more than 3.27 million. He’s known for videos about health and fitness. One of his more popular pieces of content was a video where he teaches how to get your body to do a backflip. 

At the beginning of June, he compared the top hydrogen bottles on the market with each other. One of them, of course was the Echo Go+, and spoiler alert, he found that it was the best bottle overall.

Why Pigmie Decided To Review Hydrogen Water

Pigmie talked about how hydrogen water is seeing a resurgence in popularity. It had been the metaphorical talk of the town a few years ago before dropping off. Then human biologist Gary Brecka started going on podcasts and giving endorsements to hydrogen water — specifically to the Echo Go+. Since then, hydrogen water has been a hot topic of conversation.

pigmie hydrogen bottle

Now, here’s the interesting part. By all accounts, hydrogen water sounds like just another health fad. You have this product that can work a whole bunch of miracles. It sounds way too good to be true. But there’s a big difference between what we’re selling and what Joe Schmoe is trying to sell with his Magical Pills: we actually have research to back it up.

Pigmie confirmed this. He said there are actually studies that show the potential health benefits, and he cited a systematic review that was published in January 2024. This is where researchers look at a variety of studies on a specific topic, summarize them, and come to their own conclusions.

This particular review found that there are a lot of potential benefits to hydrogen water, but we need more research to understand just how beneficial it is. Specifically, we need studies that have more human participants. If we have those studies, that can better inform us what kinds of people hydrogen water works best on.

Because there was some open endedness to the research, Pigmie decided to try hydrogen water out for himself and find out if he felt anything.

Testing Different Hydrogen Water Machines

Before he drank any hydrogen water, Pigmie bought some of the most popular hydrogen water machines. He wanted to compare them and find out which one had the best overall quality. Then he would use it for a week to see if he felt any of the effects.

Throughout the course of the video, he bought the cheapest model he could find on Amazon —- which didn’t seem to have any kind of specific branding — along with the Ion, Elate, and Echo Go+ bottles. He also got a hydrogen water tablet, which causes a reaction with magnesium and water to create hydrogen.

He let each hydrogen generator (and tablet) run a cycle, and then he tested the water with a hydrogen water tester that he got from Amazon. 

gary brecka hydrogen water

He found that out of all the hydrogen water producing techniques, the Echo Go+ produced the most hydrogen during its cycle. 

So Which Bottle Did He End Up Using?

The answer is obvious. Not only did the Echo Go+ produce the most hydrogen, but it had the best quality out of all the other machines. 

With the other hydrogen water bottles, he would wash them out several times, but he would still get what he described as a “faint rubber cement smell.” He didn’t get that with the Echo Go+. The hydrogen water just tasted like normal water — no extra smells.

So he started a week-long trial period where he mostly drank hydrogen water.

Testing The pH Levels

hydrogen water bottle

During his week trial, he was reading some online comments, and he found something that he found disturbing. Some people were concerned that instead of creating hydrogen water, it would create H3O, which would make the water acidic. 

He didn’t want the negative effects of acidic water. Of particular concern was whether or not the water from the Echo Go+ would lead to his teeth being corroded.

Fortunately, he proved that that’s not the case at all. He inserted a pH tester into the hydrogen water produced by all of the machines, and he found that the opposite was true. None of it was acidic at all. In fact, it was more on the basic/alkaline side.

The only hydrogen water that he found to be slightly acidic was the one that had been produced with the magnesium tablet. He attributed this to the fact that some of the ingredients for the tablet included different kinds of acids including malic acid, tartaric acid, and adipic acid.

Why We’re Not Surprised By Alkaline pH Levels

The way the Echo Go+ creates hydrogen water is through a scientific process called electrolysis. We go pretty in depth with how it works in this article. Essentially, it’s about breaking apart water molecules in one area and recombining some of the hydrogen atoms in another to create hydrogen gas.

The interesting thing about electrolysis is that it sounds like some kind of new technology, but it really isn’t. It dates back more than 200 years. 

For a long time, companies capitalized on the fact that it creates alkaline water — the exact opposite of acidic water. A big reason for that is because alkaline water made from electrolysis has been shown to have health effects, but we’re starting to realize that it’s not because the water is basic. It’s because of the hydrogen gas that’s produced in the process.

Where To Get The Hydrogen Go+

So now that you know the Hydrogen Go+ is the best hydrogen water bottle on the market, your next question might be, “Where can I get one?”

You can buy it right from our store. Click here to get your own Echo Hydrogen Go+ today!

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