Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 14-30

Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 14-30

You are now a pro at drinking hydrogen water. From the first day it arrived on your doorstep to now — 14 days later — you’ve had it one-to-two times every single day. 

You’ve already been reaping the health benefits of hydrogen water. Exercising has become easier, you’re digesting things more easily, your blood pressure has gone down. Life just can’t get any better.

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Well guess what! it can! There are even more health benefits you can reap as you enter your month mark of drinking hydrogen water every day.

Hydrogen Water Can Reduce Liver Fat

About 30% of people in industrialized countries have a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Fat accumulates in your liver for reasons other than excess alcohol consumption.

If left untreated, NAFLD can become non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH, where your liver can get scarred and damaged by inflammation. NASH can progress to cirrhosis, and that can be life threatening.

Hydrogen water may offer some hope when it comes to liver dysfunction. According 2019 study, you can see a decrease in liver fat accumulation within 28 days.

Study On Fatty Liver

Researchers gathered participants who were overweight and had NAFLD. They had their baseline measurements taken using an MRI, and then they drank one liter of either hydrogen water or regular water every day for 28 days.

They found that the people who drank hydrogen water had reduced their liver fat accumulation significantly more than than the others. 

Now, this isn’t us saying that after 28 days of hydrogen water, you’ll be cured of NAFLD, but it is a start. You may — at the very least — see some progress.

Hydrogen Water Improves Overall Quality of Life

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After drinking hydrogen water for a whole month, you may find that you’re less anxious than you used to be.

That’s just one of several things that an ambitious 2017 study sought to find. Scientists wanted to know how well hydrogen water acted on overall quality of life. So they had participants drink either hydrogen water or regular water for a whole month.

Before and after the hydrogen water treatment, the participants were put through a bunch of tests. Some of them included questionnaires:

  • The Chandler fatigue scale or CFS measured how severely fatigued they felt.
  • Their mood and anxiety were evaluated using what was known as the K6 scale.
  • The Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) measured their general and daytime sleepiness.

All of the scores were lowered when the participants drank hydrogen water. This indicates that they were less anxious and less tired.

The scientists also hooked the participants up to a machine that recorded various aspects of their heart rate. One of them — known as LF — was shown to be lower when the participants drank hydrogen water than when they drank plain water. This could indicate that hydrogen water relaxes their autonomic system.

Hydrogen Can Slow Down Age-Related Cognitive Decline

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It’s very normal to start experiencing health problems as you age. Some scientists believe that this is because we experience oxidative stress over time that goes untreated. Oxidative stress is when a lot of harmful molecules called free radicals break down our cells and not enough beneficial molecules called antioxidants are there to neutralize them.

Scientists know from a variety of studies that hydrogen gas can relieve oxidative stress, which may be able to slow down aging. Those anti-aging effects don’t just affect our physical appearance. They also affect our minds.

Researchers have found through a couple studies that if you are treated with hydrogen gas over a month, age-related cognitive decline might slow down.

Study One: Of Mice and Minds

In a 2010 study, scientists wanted to know whether or not hydrogen water would be an effective treatment for age-related cognitive decline. So they had some mice drink either hydrogen water or plain water over a period of 30 days.

These mice were specially bred to age very quickly. By about two months old, some of them were already showing cognitive decline.

After 30 days, they were put through a water maze. We actually talk in detail about the maze in a previous article of ours 7 Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water. Essentially, they had to swim around, looking for a platform that was slightly submerged, and then they did some trials where the platform wasn’t there anymore.

Researchers found that the mice who drink hydrogen water found the platform more quickly when it was there. When it wasn’t, those mice more passed the area where it had been more often than the others.

It’s important to note that the results of animals studies don’t always apply to humans. But animals like mice share quite a few similarities with us. So if testing on them shows results, we might experience something similar. 

We wouldn’t know for sure whether that effect on cognitive decline works on humans until studies are done on them. Fortunately, that has happened.

Study Two: Pilot Human Trial

In a 2020 study, the researchers had seen that hydrogen treatments for cognitive decline had shown some promise in animal studies. They specifically wanted to try it on humans this time and see if they would get similar results.

The participants in this study were elderly women living in a community dwelling, who volunteered. They were given two different cognitive tests. 

One of them was the Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE), where participants were asked 30 questions. Their answers give researchers insight into whether they understand what day it is, where they are, whether they can name common objects, whether they can do basic mathematical tasks, and whether they can do complex tasks like drawing the face of a clock.

They were also given the Alzheimer’s disease assessment scale cognitive subscale (ADAS-cog). In this test, they had to do 11 different tasks that measured their ability to have a conversation, recall words, follow basic commands, and more. 

After those initial tests, they inhaled hydrogen gas every day for four weeks. Then they took the tests again. 

Researchers found that the women’s scores improved significantly after the hydrogen gas therapy in both the MMSE and the word recall part of the ADAS-cog. In the latter test, the women did well with the other aspects before and after. 

Now, there are a couple of limitations to this study. For one thing, it’s a pilot study, and that means it has a smaller sample size. The other limitation is that there was no control group, which would have breathed in normal air. This means scientists couldn’t compare the results and see if there was a placebo effect.

We definitely need more research to fully understand this. However, these two studies taken together helps us understand that you may be able to slow down cognitive decline within one month of drinking hydrogen water.

Where To Get Hydrogen-Rich Water

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  • Hydrogen Water Can Reduce Liver Fat
  • Hydrogen Water Improves Overall Quality of Life
  • Hydrogen Can Slow Down Age-Related Cognitive Decline
  • Where To Get Hydrogen-Rich Water

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