Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 1-7

Drinking Hydrogen Water: Days 1-7

Today’s the big day! You’ve been hearing all about the Echo Go+ and all the health benefits that your body can get from it. After looking into it, you think it could be a big help to you on your health journey.

You had ordered one a week ago, and it just arrived at your doorstep. When you get the notification, you do a happy dance like this lady.

Woman dancing with joy

Now, you’re sitting in your kitchen with all parts of the water bottle out of the box. You scan the QR code that comes with it. This pops up the instructions on your phone. You’re reading them as quickly as you can because you can’t wait to try the hydrogen water for yourself.

Whoa, hold on there partner, says an inner voice in your head. Don’t get too excited. It’s not like you’re going to feel the effects right now. That’ll take weeks. Maybe even months!

Well, as much as we like the calm, reasoned inner voice, what it’s saying isn’t necessarily true. There are some health benefits that you may experience within the first week of drinking hydrogen water. Heck, even the first day!

The First 10 Minutes

That’s right, within just 10 minutes, your body may already be reaping at least one health benefit: your total antioxidant capacity may start to increase. This is a measure of how well the antioxidants in your body are working to reduce oxidative stress.

What Is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is a condition your body is in when a group of harmful molecules called free radicals are tearing apart other molecules, which make up the cells in your body. This leads to a lot of health problems including inflammation, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and many more. Scientists point to oxidative stress as the reason our bodies deteriorate as we age.

So what prevents oxidative stress? Antioxidants! These are molecules with the power to neutralize the free radicals that cause problems within your cells. 

What Hydrogen Water Has To Do With Antioxidants

When you drink or bathe in hydrogen water, your body is getting a healthy dose of hydrogen gas. Study, after study, after study has shown that hydrogen both acts as an antioxidant and a signaling molecule that tells your body to produce other antioxidants.

When it acts as an antioxidant, it’s selective in its approach. A lot of antioxidants will neutralize the bad free radicals, but then they’ll also go after others that are beneficial for your health. Hydrogen only gets the bad ones such as hydroxyl (-OH).

We explain all of this more in depth in a previous article we posted called What Is Hydrogen Water

Wait…Did You Just Say Bathe?

We did! Studies have shown that when you take a bath in hydrogen water, the hydrogen molecules will enter your body through the skin and enter the bloodstream, where it works its healing effects. 

In fact, the study we are basing the 10 minutes on was about bathing. The participants took a bath, and their blood was taken by a finger prick. They compared the blood samples taken before, during, and after the bath at regular intervals up to 120 minutes.

Comparing the Groups

Now, you may be wondering whether this effect was because of the hydrogen or whether it was because of the bathing. Fortunately, the researchers thought of that and compared people who bathed with regular water with those who did so in hydrogen water.

The regular water group also increased their antioxidant capacity after 10 minutes, but after that, it went back down. With hydrogen water, it started at that time and then kept going up to 120 minutes.

Can I Even Find a Hydrogen Bath Product?

You certainly can! We recently released a product that enables you to take a hydrogen bath. It’s called the Echo Revive. It creates hydrogen gas using distilled water, which you pump through a hose that goes right into your bath water. 

hydrogen water bath machine

Click here to check it out for yourself!

The First 15 Minutes

At 15 minutes, you can enjoy health benefits for attention and sport performance, and we know that because of two different studies.

In one of them, researchers wanted to know how hydrogen compared with caffeine in its affects on attention. They gave the participants either hydrogen water or caffeinated water. Fifteen minutes later, they measured three different aspects of attention: alertness, executive control, and orientation. The scientists found that hydrogen water did better than caffeine at orientation — the attention you can give to the space around you. 

In the other, a different team of scientists wanted to know whether hydrogen water would help with sprinting performance among soccer players. The athletes drank either hydrogen water or regular water, and they were tested fifteen minutes later. Researchers found that the players who drank hydrogen water did significantly better in the last couple sprints. The other players seemed to get more tired towards the end than the ones who drank hydrogen water. This suggests that hydrogen water helps out with endurance.

The First 30 Minutes

Within the first 30 minutes, hydrogen water can improve your performance in aerobic exercises. This is great news whether you’re an athlete or just a regular person who likes to go on a jog.

In a 2023 study, researchers had athletes drink either regular water or hydrogen water 30 minutes before doing fitness tests. In one test, participants ran on a track. They started at 8.5 kilometers per hour (roughly 5 miles per hour), and their speed increased by 0.5 kph every minute. They stopped when they couldn’t maintain the speed. The time to exhaustion was one of the factors that was recorded.

Two days later, they did the same test again, drinking the same drink 30 minutes before once again. This time, they ran at the maximum pace they were able to run during the first test. They stopped when they were exhausted.

The researchers found that in the first test, the people who drank hydrogen water were able to get to a faster pace than those who didn’t. In the second test, they were able to run for a longer amount of time. In both tests, their perceived exertion increased with hydrogen water, suggesting that it gave them the ability to put in more effort.

The First Two Hours

Within the first two hours of drinking hydrogen water, you can reduce oxidative stress that’s induced by exercising.

In a 2017 study, researchers got 60 athletes together and had them drink hydrogen water before, during, and after some intense exercising — which lasted two hours. They took blood at those times and compared the antioxidant activity between each. 

They found that hydrogen significantly reduced the number of a type of free radical called superoxide anion. It also heightened the level of a type of antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase, and it increased the antioxidant capacity. All of these effects happened both during and after exercise, with the biggest effects on the latter.

The First Day

If you drink hydrogen water, work out, and then wait for a day, you’ll find that you don’t have as much muscle soreness.

Scientists figured this out in a 2021 study, where they had participants drink either regular water or hydrogen water at five different intervals before, during, and after some exercises that they had to do.

These exercises included half squats, knee flexions, extensions, and lunges. Researchers found that the ones who drank hydrogen water performed better in lunges. Those participants also self reported less muscle soreness the day after.

The First Three Days

Hydrogen may be able to treat a skin reddening condition called erythema within three days. 

This was suggested in a small 2012 study. Four different patients had really bad skin problems, including erythema. They had an injection of a hydrogen saline solution injected into their veins over three days. Within that time, three of those patients showed a lot of improvements in their skin. The other patient only had one treatment, and her skin improved within an hour. 

It’s important that we emphasize you shouldn’t just go injecting hydrogen water into your veins without the advice of medical professionals. We just included this study as a way to show a really cool finding of a hydrogen treatment that may be widely available one day.

The First Seven Days

If you drink hydrogen water consistently for seven days, you’ll likely find that your overall sports performance will increase.

This comes from a 2021 study that tested dragon boat athletes. These are people who take part in an annual rowing competition in China. It’s an activity that requires you to be in top physical form. 

In this study, eighteen athletes were tested on their physical skills after drinking either hydrogen water or normal water over the course of seven days. Before they did that, they were tested for baseline measurements as a way to compare any kind of improvements afterwards. After the seven days of drinking hydrogen water, they were tested again. 

Researchers found that the maximum power and average power of the athletes who drank hydrogen water improved significantly. They also found that after exercising, their heart rate recovered more quickly than the people who drank regular water.

We actually did an article that summarizes this study beautifully. You can find it at this link.

How To Get Hydrogen Water

The Echo Go+ is the best way to get hydrogen water right now. It uses a system of electrolysis to break down water molecules. The machine separates the hydrogen ions from other molecules that were broken down using a proton exchange membrane. Those ions are later given electrons and recombine to create hydrogen gas in your water.

The great thing about the Echo Go+ is it’s very easy to use. You just fill it up with filtered or distilled water, push the button once or twice — depending on how much hydrogen you want — and wait for the hydrogen to be created. When it beeps, it’s ready to drink!

Click here to get your own Echo Go+ today!

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