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Hello and welcome everybody. Thank you for joining us on this next episode of The Lime boss podcast. I'm Heather Gray, also known as The Lime Boss. I assist frustrated professionals struggling with persistent gut issues. I help them to conquer their brain fog and relieve widespread chronic pain. Could it be Lyme disease? It was for me and it is for a lot of the folks that I work with. I try to bring on tools, experts, and technologies because I have a passion for technology. I aim to promote health and awareness.

When I met Dr. Paul at Mindshare last year, I was impressed with his insights. Within five minutes of his talk, I was eager to learn more about his offerings. His work with water made sense, and I believe our listeners will find him as fascinating as I did. Welcome, Dr. Paul, and thank you for joining us today.

Dr. Paul: Thank you so much, Heather.

Heather: Can you tell us a bit about how you got started? You've got a company called Echo Technologies that specializes in hydrogen water. Could you explain what sparked your interest in this field, and a bit more about your company and hydrogen water?

Dr. Paul: Sure, it all started with my wife. In three days, we will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. She had been struggling with several health issues for the first ten years of our marriage, including thyroid problems, gynecological issues, severe anemia, and short-term memory issues. At the time, my medical focus was on patients with diabetes foot and ankle issues. However, I realized I needed to find ways to help my wife.

I started to explore various treatments and discovered water therapy. While some were attributing the benefits to its alkaline nature, I couldn't agree since stomach acid would neutralize any pH changes. However, I couldn't ignore the positive effects it had on my wife's health.

An anecdote about how this led to my current work: We had close friends who owned an organic food store. After the 9/11 attacks, their business suffered a downturn, and I provided them with financial help. After a longer-than-expected repayment period, I decided to forgive the interest, asking them to repay only the principal. As a token of appreciation, they took us on a cruise and brought along eight gallons of water. They insisted that we drink that water instead of what was available on the ship.

You know, I've been on cruises before. They have water there; you're kind of floating in it, right? So, they tell us not to drink that water and recommend bottled ones. On the first day of one such cruise, my wife was on the first day of her menstrual cycle. As usual, she was doubled over in pain. We had to stop at Walgreens for her to change her sanitary gear. They asked if we needed to call an ambulance for her because she looked like she was in extreme discomfort. But I reassured them that this was normal for her during this time.

We continued to the ship, got her into our room, and I expected that most of our nine-day cruise would be spent with her in bed. So, I attended art auctions, came back, and checked in on her frequently because it's not as enjoyable without the person you came with. I suggested she drink some water. We both drank the water onboard. To me, it was just good tasting water, but she felt her body was craving this water.

Within three days of drinking this water, she was up and around, enjoying the cruise. Normally, she would be down for a week due to her intense menstrual symptoms, but this was a significant improvement. We had an amazing time on the cruise, visiting Costa Rica, Panama, and even got to hold a sloth.

When we got home, she started buying water from the cruise company by the gallon because she loved it so much. Six months later, her menstrual cycle became normal. They told us the water's benefits were because of its pH, but I was skeptical. It took me about a year and a half to figure out it was hydrogen gas that made the difference.

I found it challenging to find information on the benefits of hydrogen gas in the body, but I became passionate about it when I did. I learned that many alkaline water machines produce hydrogen when they're brand new, but over time they lose this ability unless regularly cleaned. I wanted to develop a system that would dissolve hydrogen gas into water without changing the water's pH, and that's what Echo Technologies is all about.

There are around 1250 studies showing the reduction of oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, and various neurologic benefits from drinking hydrogen-rich water. It can help with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, cancer, and even telomere lengthening. It also increases immune function and gut recovery.

Hydrogen is naturally produced in our intestinal tract when we eat fiber-rich foods and foods with short and medium-chain fatty acids. If we have the proper bacteria in our gut, these foods will be converted into hydrogen gas, which modulates oxidation and inflammation.

As a bold statement, I believe that people who are gluten and dairy intolerant can start eating these foods without any issues or inflammation within two weeks. This claim often shocks people, especially those who haven't been able to eat gluten for years, but I stand by it.


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