Structured Water vs. Hydrogen Water

Structured Water vs. Hydrogen Water

Water is the most important drink you could ever have. It makes up more than half of the human body, and it has a lot of important functions such as temperature control, lubrication for your joints, and removing wastes.

It's so important that scientists recommend you get at least 3.7 liters per day if you're a man and 2.7 liters if you're a woman. That can come from any water source whether it's tap water, filtered water, or even water from food.


Yup! This type of water is great for you!

But not all water is the same. While all of it is beneficial, we are starting to find that some of it might have different properties that give you added health benefits.

One of those types is hydrogen water. This adds hydrogen molecules to the mix of water molecules. It has antioxidant properties that are still being discovered by scientists. At Echo, we sell machines that create hydrogen water by adding an electric current that breaks down some of the water molecules.

Another type that people are talking about is called structured water. While there is some research surrounding it, we still don't know how beneficial it is or if it even exists.

What Is Structured Water?

Structured water is normal water but with water molecules placed in a hexagonal structure. That's why it is also known as hexagonal water. Some people claim that this is the natural structure of pure water, which you can find in places like glacier melts and mountain springs.

There are a lot of claims about potential health benefits of structured water: it can increase energy, improve memory, detoxify your body, stabilize your blood sugar, and even increase your lifespan. However, there is not a lot of research that supports them.

How To Structure Water Molecules

Enthusiasts who talk about structured water claim that it's perfectly natural. When humans start getting involved, that's when it gets contaminated. That's when it's no longer structured water.

So with that in mind, is it even possible to create structured water without having to go on a long hike into the most isolated parts of Canada? Some say there are ways:

  • Putting crystals like rose quartz in a glass bottle of water and keeping it in the sun for a few hours.
  • Filling a glass bottle full of marbles through a funnel with a crystal in it.
  • Placing a copper plate into a pot and letting it sit for up to eight hours.
  • Shining ultraviolet light into a glass of water.
  • Using a process known as vortexing to create magnetized water.

    Research Into Health Benefits Of Structured Water

    While research is scarce when it comes to structured water, it does exist, and there have been some promising results. However, there are a lot of limitations to these studies, and they aren't showing all the benefits that some people are claiming.

    One study that actually did show benefits of structured water was published in 2013. Scientists induced diabetes on rats using a cancer treatment called streptozotocin. They had some of those diabetic rats drink structured water --- which they created by magnetizing normal water --- and they had a group that drank water that was not magnetized.

    They found that the diabetic rats that were given structured water had lower blood sugar levels than the ones that were given regular drinking water. It also seemed to reduce DNA damage as well.

    That was probably the most promising study over the last twenty years. Other studies have shown that it can decrease tooth decay, increase hair among balding men, and help with skin hydration.

    BUT --- and this is a huge "but" --- none of the studies (aside from the rat one we discussed) had a control group. That is super important to have in scientific research. If a treatment shows that it can be effective, we don't know if it's because of the treatment itself or because of a placebo effect. That is why you generally need two or more groups. At least one of them needs to receive something like the treatment without it actually being the treatment.

    For example, let's say you are testing out a cream that can make people skinny. You need one group to try the cream itself, and the other to apply a type of cream that looks and feels like the treatment cream. Then you compare the results between the groups. If the actual cream made people skinny but not the placebo cream, then you know the effect is real. None of those studies applied this principle beside the rat one.

    Drinking Structured Water: Is It A Thing?

    The entire idea of structured water may be a myth. For one thing, the molecular structure is said to be H3O2. This means it's made up of two oxygen atoms and three hydrogen atoms --- as opposed to two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen in regular drinking water. However, H3O2 isn't an actual chemical that scientists have ever discovered.

    A fact-checking website called PolitiFact even weighed in on this aspect of structured water. It was in response to a Facebook post that was making the rounds in 2023. The post claimed that H3O2 is the healthiest type of water that you can drink.

    An Australian professor weighed in on this claim and said if it was a known chemical, it wouldn't be good for human health. It would also probably break down and turn into hydrogen peroxide and water.

    Another reason it might not actually be real is because water molecules are always moving. This means that even if you have hexagonal water at one point, the structure is going to change as the liquid water moves.


    Hydrogen Water Actually IS a Thing

    While people are still debating whether or not structured water even exists, we know that hydrogen water is real. Even people who are a little more skeptical of its benefits would acknowledge that yes it is 100% a real thing.

    Right now, the only thing being debated in the science community is how beneficial hydrogen water is to human health.

    Benefits of Hydrogen Water on the Human Body

    Over a thousand studies have shown that hydrogen water has a lot of health benefits:

    • It has been shown to have positive effects on metabolic syndrome --- a group of conditions that raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Hydrogen water may be able to lower BMI, heart, rate, and even blood glucose levels.

    • It may be able to alleviate muscle damage and soreness from intense workouts.

    • It may be able to reduce insulin levels among people with diabetes.

    • So much more!

    Unlike structured water, these benefits all come from research, and we have barely scratched the surface. More research is being done to figure out just how effective it is and whether there are even more benefits that we have yet to discover.

    How To Make Hydrogen Water

    With structured water, there are a variety of theoretical ways to make it, but we don't know whether they really work. However, with hydrogen water, we do know because we can detect the amount of hydrogen molecules within the water. It's much harder to do that when looking at molecular water structuring.

    There are several ways you make hydrogen water. Some people use tablets that create hydrogen molecules through a chemical reaction. While they aren't the most expensive things out there, the costs can add up, especially if you plan to drink hydrogen water every day.

    The more cost-effective option is to buy the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle. It uses an electric current break down water molecules and create hydrogen. The best part is you only have to buy it once!

    You simply put distilled water in the bottle, set the timer according to how concentrated you want it to be, and wait. On that last step, you can take it anywhere you are going. You don't have to wait at the kitchen counter, watching it happen.

    Get your own Echo Go+ today, and start reaping the benefits of hydrogen water.

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    • What Is Structured Water?
    • How To Structure Water Molecules
    • Research Into Health Benefits Of Structured Water
    • Drinking Structured Water: Is It A Thing?
    • Hydrogen Water Actually IS a Thing
    • Benefits of Hydrogen Water on the Human Body
    • How To Make Hydrogen Water

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