How Does Hydrogen Water Help With Inflammaging?

What is Inflammaging

Becky just turned 50, and she’s starting to feel her age. As she gets up every morning, a pressurized pain builds up in the bones of her feet. 

She goes into the bathroom, and looks into the mirror. It is starting to dawn on her that her skin is starting is getting looser and more wrinkled. Just ten years ago, she thought she was getting old, but now she wishes she could go back to that time and appreciate what she had.

She goes downstairs to the kitchen, where she pours herself a glass of water. In her hands, she is holding five different pills for a variety of health conditions. 

As she swallows them, she thinks back to her now-adult son when he was a child. He would buy Pokémon cards at the store and trade them with his friends. Now, she’s the one doing the collecting. Only instead of cards with weird-looking creatures, she’s collecting pills. If she could trade them away, she would, but this is her life now.

Becky’s not alone. Everyone gets older, and we all see the effects of aging. There’s no way to stop it.

What is Inflammaging

But…what if we were to tell you that there is a way to slow it down? Drinking hydrogen rich water might be that way, and that’s partly because of its effect on inflammation.

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation is your body’s response to some kind of irritant that you come across. For example, if you get a splinter, you may notice that your finger is turning red right around the little piece of wood that got stuck into your skin. That redness is your body’s inflammatory response. 

Other types of irritants could be even smaller, such as bacteria or viruses. When you feel sick, that is your body’s immune response telling you that it needs a lot of energy to fight against the bacteria.

Inflammaging and Illness

As with every health-related issue, inflammation to a certain extent is good for you. It’s an adaptation your body has to keep you alive. But it can also go overboard. There are instances where your immune system attacks your body and works against you. Some examples include psoriasis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.

Where Inflammation Meets Aging

Inflammation is a possible reason that we get sicker and sicker as we get older and older. In fact, the state of constant inflammation due to age has its own name. It’s called “inflammaging.” This is associated with a variety of diseases including Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer.

There are several different factors that go into inflammaging, but among them is immunosenescence. This is where your immune system is not working properly because of age. It can lead to autoimmune problems and infections. It can also lead to your body not responding to vaccinations very well, and wound healing can become a much slower process.

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Another thing that can cause chronic inflammation is oxidative stress. This is a condition that your body is in when it has too many harmful molecules — known as free radicals — that are causing problems in your body.

If left unchecked, free radicals will pull apart important structures in your cells. They may even cause damage to your DNA. Fortunately, there are molecules called antioxidants that can neutralize the harmful molecules and ensure your body works normally.

Where Does Hydrogen Water Come In?

When you drink a glass of regular water, the molecules you are consuming are H2O. That means they are made up of one oxygen molecule that is attached to two hydrogens. However, when you drink hydrogen water, you are drinking H2O, but you are also consuming molecules that are just made up of two hydrogen atoms combined H2.

H2 is the smallest molecule in the universe. This means it can penetrate your cells easily and work its antioxidant effects. 

You read that right. Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant. Not only does it get rid of the most harmful free radicals, it leaves the ones alone that are actually good for your body. On the contrary, regular antioxidants will often neutralize the bad free radicals, but then they’ll also get rid of the ones that you actually need.

So what this all means is when you add hydrogen to your water, this could be a great way to fight oxidative stress…which can cause inflammation…which tends to increase with age. 

And this isn’t just us drawing our own conclusions so you’ll buy our product. Scientists have actually done studies where they found that hydrogen may be able to lessen inflammation, slow down the aging process, and both at the same time.

Study About Inflammatory Disease

As we said before, psoriasis is an inflammatory disease. While scientists don’t know the exact reason it happens, they think it’s caused by immune cells attacking skin cells. People with this condition will often have itchy, scaly patches on their skin. 

Scientists have done several studies that have looked at the effectiveness of using hydrogen to treat this disease, including one published in 2018, where researchers split participants into two groups. One of them bathed in regular water over an eight-week period, while the other bathed in hydrogen water.

They found that the people who had bathed in hydrogen water showed significantly greater improvements than the ones who bathed in regular water. To illustrate how good hydrogen water did, they actually showed pictures of some of the cases. To understand these photos, it’s important to note that “baseline” is what they looked like before the treatment and week 8 is afterwards.

Clinical improvement of psoriasis


Study About Cognitive Decline

As we age, one thing a lot of people start experiencing is cognitive decline. Their brains often have a hard time remembering, learning, or planning.

A big reason this might happen is because of free radicals causing oxidative stress, which we know hydrogen can help with. So in 2010, scientists published a study that looked at whether or not hydrogen water could be an effective treatment for age-related cognitive decline.

Researchers tested a special breed of mouse that tends to age more quickly. At just two months old, these animals already showed signs of cognitive decline.

Like the previous study, these mice were separated into two different groups. One of them drank normal water, and the other drank hydrogen water.

After thirty days, the animals were put into a water tank and were trained to swim to a clear platform that was slightly submerged. After they were trained, they were put on a seven-day trail period where researchers looked at how quickly the animals were able to find the platform. The researchers also put them through another test where they took the platform away and observed what the mice did.

In the first test, they found that the mice who drank hydrogen water were able to find the platform significantly faster than the other mice. Then when the platform was taken away, the ones who drank hydrogen water passed the area where the platform had been more often than the other group. These results show that hydrogen water may be an effective treatment of cognitive decline.

Study About Inflammation AND Aging

The first study we discussed showed that hydrogen might be a good treatment for inflammation, but it didn’t look at aging. The second study talked about aging, but not necessarily inflammation. Now, we’re going to talk about a 2023 study that looked at both.

Researchers looked at the effects of age-related inflammation and whether hydrogen would be an effective treatment of it. Some of these effects would be unethical to study on humans, so researchers used mice that were a little older than average.

They gave some mice a chemical that triggered inflammation called lipopolysaccharide. Other mice just got a saline instead, so they could be the control group that would be used for comparison purposes.

After that, the scientists put the animals into an airtight chamber for 24 hours, where they were exposed to one of two types of air: a gas mixture of oxygen and nitrogen or a gas similar mixture that also consisted of 2% hydrogen. Some of the mice were exposed to one or the other for 24 hours. Others were exposed to the hydrogen mix for either 1 or 6 hours, after which the air was replaced with just the oxygen and nitrogen gas.

They found that the mice who breathed in the hydrogen gas were more likely to survive for the full 24 hours they were in the tank. The mice that were exposed to hydrogen gas the entire time fared the best.

Researchers euthanized the mice that weren’t dead already and looked at a variety of factors on their bodies. They found that the ones who were exposed showed improvements in most signs of inflammation.

This study suggests that hydrogen might be an effective treatment for age-related inflammation.

How To Get A Regular Dose Of Hydrogen

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You simply fill the bottle up, turn it on, and set a timer according to how much hydrogen you want in your water. During that time, an electric current breaks down some of the chemical bonds within the water and creates new hydrogen molecules within it. 

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Table of Contents
  • What Is Inflammation?
  • Where Inflammation Meets Aging
  • Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
  • Where Does Hydrogen Water Come In?
  • Study About Inflammatory Disease
  • Study About Cognitive Decline
  • Study About Inflammation AND Aging
  • How To Get A Regular Dose Of Hydrogen

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