Gary Brecka Shows Off Echo H2O On Nelk Boys’ Podcast

Gary Brecka Shows Off Echo H2O On Nelk Boys’ Podcast

If you’ve ever been on YouTube over the last decade, you’ve probably seen a variety of prank channels. Content creators will go out and mess with people in public, and they often gain a huge following.

One of the biggest prank channels is NELK. Just by “trolling” people, they have gained an audience of 8.11 million followers on YouTube. They also have 4.6 million followers on TikTok, 4.3 million on Instagram, and 2 million on Facebook.

In January, human biologist  Gary Brecka hopped on the NELK Boys’ FULL SEND PODCAST and showed off the Echo H2O for their millions of fans to see.

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Importance of Hydration

Gary talked about the importance of hydrating yourself with the right kind of water, emphasizing that tap water isn’t the best because of the fluoride it contains. You should instead opt for store-bought water, but there is another type that could be especially beneficial.

“Hydrogen water is the best water you can put in the human body,” said Gary before having Salim “The Dream” Sirur show off the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle.

Gary explained that you pour spring water into the bottle, press the button, and the Echo Go+ will add hydrogen to the water. 

“There are 1400 studies on the positive impact of hydrogen on human beings,” said Gary. “They’re looking at it for things like Parkinson’s and neurodegenerative disorders. It helps you digest food. It helps you break down your supplements.”

Gary went on to say that if you add hydrogen to your water using the Echo Go+, it is a game changer.

Health Risks For Young People

The people who watch the NELK Boys tend to be very young. While the content creators themselves are in their late 20’s to early 30’s, those who watch them are generally even younger. They tend to be males between the ages of 16-25. 

Gary talked about a health problem that is becoming more and more of an issue for young people. It’s called metabolic syndrome. This is a group of conditions that increase your risk of a cardiovascular disease, which can be deadly.

These conditions include high blood pressure, a large waistline, high blood triglycerides, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and low HDL cholesterol. 

“We think of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and all this kind of stuff as shit that happens to old people,” Gary said. “But this doesn’t start in late ages. This starts early in life, and it just nibbles away at you.”

Gary said if you are struggling with metabolic syndrome, it is easy to change. His suggestions are to lower your consumption of GMO foods, tap water, and seed oils. He also said to get data on your body and make modifications accordingly.

How Hydrogen Water Helps With Metabolic Syndrome

One other way you can lower your risk factors of metabolic syndrome is by drinking hydrogen water regularly. Multiple studies have shown that it has a positive effect on metabolic issues.

In a previous article we wrote, we discussed a 2020 study that found that hydrogen water mitigated almost every issue associated with metabolic syndrome. It made the participants’ heart rate, blood glucose levels, and even their BMI go down. 

It’s probably best to drink hydrogen in conjunction with good health decisions, but that might not be too hard. A recent study also found that it might be able to suppress hunger. It’s important to note that that study didn’t have a big sample size and this needs to be researched more. However, the results are promising, and we’re excited for future studies that can give us a better idea about how that works!

Aging Isn’t As Simple As You Might Think

Gary explained to the NELK Boys that at a certain point in your life, you realize you have all the means possible to go out and do whatever you want. Your kids are all grown up and out of the house, and you have plenty of money. You can go wherever you want. But people at that stage aren’t taking advantage of their newfound freedom because they are in pain. 

“You’d be surprised how many people are just accepting these things as a consequence of aging,” he said. “And they’re not.”

Gary said he feels better than he has ever felt before, and he’s in his 50’s. It’s because of the adjustments he’s made — and helps other people make — that he’s able to feel this way.

Can Hydrogen Water Help With Aging?

One of the main reasons scientists have studied hydrogen water in the first place is because of molecular hydrogen’s effect on oxidative stress, a condition where molecules called free radicals are tearing your cells apart. The way to neutralize those free radicals is through antioxidants, and hydrogen has been shown to have powerful antioxidant effects.

Oxidative stress is linked to the effects of aging. Since hydrogen water can mitigate oxidative stress, it’s a no brainer that it might be able to help out with the aging process. Here are just a few things that scientists have found:

Reap the Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

You can get your own Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle that was featured on the FULL SEND PODCAST with Gary Brecka. 

As he explained, it’s very easy to use and has a bunch of health benefits. Its portable design makes it possible to take it wherever you want to go.

Click here to order your own Echo Go+ today!
Table of Contents
  • Importance of Hydration
  • Health Risks For Young People
  • How Hydrogen Water Helps With Metabolic Syndrome
  • Aging Isn’t As Simple As You Might Think
  • Can Hydrogen Water Help With Aging?
  • Reap the Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

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