Echo Founder Explains Hydrogen Water At Biohack Your Beauty Event

Echo Founder Explains Hydrogen Water At Biohack Your Beauty Event

Here is one of the hardest questions to answer: “What is beautiful?”

It’s so difficult because to different people, it can be different things. That’s why we have the age-old saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

But what if beauty really was more than just skin deep? What if it was also about how it makes you feel? In that case, maybe healthy is what is actually beautiful.

That is the basic idea of the Biohack Your Beauty event, which took place in March. According to the website, it’s about exploring “the intersection of aesthetics, biohacking and holistic medicine to understand beauty for the body, mind and spirit.”

One of the main guests at this year’s event was the man who founded Echo Hydrogen Water, Dr. Paul Barattiero. He sat down with another guest and explained why hydrogen water is all the rage these days.


Paul Explains Why Hydrogen is Important

Paul explained that hydrogen is an essential molecule, and we know that because the bacteria in our guts naturally make some of it. He said it reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, two things that are known to cause diseases.

It’s also a signaling modulator…and yeah, we get it. That’s kind of a big word. But Paul gave an example that broke it down simply.

He compared hydrogen to a fire alarm at a hotel. When we hear it, we all understand exactly what we should do. It means we should exit the building. In other words, it modulates or influences our behavior.

“So without that signal modulator or without a fire alarm, the building would burn,” he said. “And everyone would be doing what they’re doing until it affected their place in the building where they are.”

Now hydrogen is kind of like that fire alarm, but it works a little bit differently. Instead of modulating our behavior, it modulates the systems and pathways within our body to start working correctly.

Why You Aren’t Getting The Hydrogen You Need

The interviewer then asked Paul, “If my body’s supposed to produce hydrogen on its own, why might my body not be producing the hydrogen that I actually need?”

Without hesitation, Paul gave a simple, two-word answer, “Gut disruption.”

He said in order for the gut to create hydrogen, it needs to have the proper bacteria that would actually create it. That particular bacteria will only be able to exist if the conditions in your gut are right for it.

“Just because there's space doesn't mean they wanna exist there,” he said. “And it also doesn't mean they can exist there and live a life cycle that is flourishing.”

So what is preventing that from happening? There are a lot of different factors that go into it from stress and lifestyle to the various chemicals we are taking in like heavy metals and pesticides. Paul said the amount of people who don’t have a properly functioning gut is over 90% of the population.

Why Drink Hydrogen Water?

There are a variety of ways to replenish your gut microbiome and ensure that it is producing the proper amount of hydrogen that you need. But they tend to take a while, and you have to be very disciplined to do it properly.

Paul said the quickest and easiest way is to drink hydrogen water. He said the hydrogen molecules can bring the electrical potential that your gut needs for microbes to thrive.

“It's not like dumping probiotics or prebiotics into the gut,” Paul said. “That's a a nice band aid.”

He said even if you drink hydrogen water for the short term, it’s going to do more for you than short-term fixes like probiotics.

How Much Hydrogen Water Should You Drink?

Paul said that based on the research that’s out there, you should drink between 900 mL to 16 ounces of hydrogen water every day. 

Now, you might have noticed that that is a lot less than the average recommendations for your daily water consumption — eight glasses per day. That’s because it’s not necessary to completely replace all of your water intake with hydrogen water.

“If hydrogen itself was doing the work in the body, then yes, we would have to be constantly supplying hydrogen,” Paul said. “But because hydrogen is a signal modulator, the presence of hydrogen is what we need in the body.”

He said people will often drink more than the recommended amount when they have the machines that Echo H2O sells, which create hydrogen water out of normal water. And that’s fine too because there aren’t any known side effects to drinking too much hydrogen water.

Timeline Of Hydrogen Water

“So let's say now I start this new protocol,” said the interviewer. “As often as I can, I'm drinking hydrogenated water. How long before I see see the average effects?”

Paul said you should start seeing changes in your brain within three-to-five minutes. It happens that fast because once the hydrogen hits the stomach, a hormone called ghrelin will go up to the brain and change its function.

“For those with ADHD, those with other issues that are similar to that, they'll feel that within minutes,” said Paul.

He went on to say that within an hour, the gut bacteria is already changing. There are a lot of other effects that happen as well. Some of them are almost instant, but others take a little longer. One of the first changes that people notice is how they sleep.

“Typically, the first day their sleep is significantly different than it's been,” he said. “So that first night is when people are like, ‘Woah! I slept like I haven't slept in ten years.’”

How To Make Hydrogen Water Of Your Own

If you want to feel all the positive effects of hydrogen water, the safest and most cost effective way to get it is through the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle. 

All you need is regular water, preferably bottled or distilled. You pour it into the Echo Go+, and set it according to how much hydrogen you want in your water. The device sends an electric pulse through the water, which breaks up some of the chemical bonds. After that, hydrogen molecules are formed.

The Echo Go+ creates hydrogen water in just a matter of minutes, and while you’re waiting, you can take it anywhere you’re going. 

Click here to buy yours today!

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