Echo Water Makes a Splash on Fox & Friends with DIY Expert Chip Wade!

Echo Water Makes a Splash on Fox & Friends with DIY Expert Chip Wade!

We're thrilled to announce that our Echo Water best sellers the Echo Go +, Echo Pitcher, and Echo Ultimate Water Machine, was recently featured on Fox & Friends!

DIY extraordinaire Chip Wade showcased Echo Water technology live on the show, highlighting its benefits and ease of use. He gave a ringing endorsement of our hydrogen water bottle, the Echo Go+.

During the segment, Chip showcased how Echo Water's state-of-the-art technology generates hydrogen-enriched water on-the-go. He demonstrated the ease of use for viewers, showing how our bottles transform regular water into a powerful source of antioxidants.

But don't just take our word for it! Catch the Fox & Friends segment here:

Fox & Friends viewers learned how Echo Water's hydrogen-rich water can help fight free radicals, leading to increased energy, sharper focus, and reduced inflammation. Chip also discussed the growing body of research on the potential benefits of hydrogen water.

Take a look behind the scenes with Chip Wade!

Who is Chip Wade?

Chip Wade is a home design pioneer who appears on Fox & Friends weekly to share the cutting edge home technology, design tips, market insights and giveaways from anyone looking to make improvements to their home.

His website Wade Works tells of his journey with his wife Pauli through home improvement projects that landed them appearances on HGTV, the Rachael Ray Show, ABC, Huffington Post and more.

As an avid health enthusiast who regularly incorporates hydrogen water in his daily routine, Chip was excited to bring the Echo Go+ to his segment. 

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