Chip Wade And Kathryn Emery Show Off Echo Go+ At National Hardware Show

Chip Wade And Kathryn Emery Show Off Echo Go+ At National Hardware Show

Hydrogen water got yet another endorsement in national media coverage from home improvement experts Chip Wade and Kathryn Emery. They showed off the Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle while visiting the 2024 National Hardware Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The segment they filmed went to news stations across the United States, from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City to Providence, Rhode Island, and more. Even Yahoo! News picked it up!

They showed off a few items, but the the Echo Go+ was the first one they talked about. We think it’s because it’s the best item, but that’s just our humble opinion.

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Chip explained to Kathryn that hydrogen is a very common molecule that is already in our everyday water, but the Echo Go+ adds a lot more to it. He said there are more than 40 health benefits to hydrogen water.

“Everything from, anti inflammation to digestion to complexion,” he said. “All of these things. Energy in the morning.”

The truth is we don’t know exactly how many health benefits there are. The number 40 he mentioned is likely just the start of it. Hydrogen is an antioxidant that selectively targets the most harmful molecules in your body and gets rid of them. Here are more health benefits we are seeing from hydrogen water, backed by real scientific studies:

And that’s all just stuff we could come up with off the top of our head. To this day, scientists are still discovering more amazing things that hydrogen can do for you.

How To Use Echo Go+

Chip explained just how easy it is to use the Echo Go+. He said you just fill it up, hit the button, and choose the setting based on how much hydrogen you want.

That is all there is to it. It’s very easy, and it’s designed to be portable. You can take it wherever you need to go. You don’t have to sit around and wait for the hydrogen-making process to be done.

If you’d like to reap the many benefits of hydrogen water, click here to get your own Echo Go+ Hydrogen Water Bottle today!

Check Out The Segment For Yourself

You don’t have to scour the Internet to find the segment we’re talking about. We’ve got it right here. We’ve even included a transcript in case you’d rather read it.



We're back. And we love talking to you because you know what? We love to go find cool products that you need in your everyday life. Now everything on this table, you might not even realize how much it is going to enhance your life. So let's start with the water we drink. So Chip, this product blows my mind. Are you telling me the eight glasses that I intentionally get into my body are not the proper hydration that I need?

It's possible. Now, Kathryn, you might not actually be drinking as much as you think you're drinking, but it's not just about the amount. It's the quality in which your body is able to absorb it. So this is a very, very cool product.

This is, from Echo H2O. This is called the Echo Go+. This is a portable bottle that is not a filter. It actually enriches your water with hydrogen ions.

Now hydrogen is a common thing that's already in the water you drink. This just enhances the quantity, and there's over 40 health benefits to enhance hydrogen in your water. Everything from anti-inflammation to digestion to complexion, all of these things, energy in the morning.

Now what's cool about this, you simply fill it up, hit the little button. There's actually two cycles that can get up to 4.5 parts per million of hydrogen. And basically what that means, it's the same amount of hydrogen, and one of these is drinking 18 bottles of water. So the at the end of the day, this is just gonna help us stay hydrated, and then really our bodies do the rest.

Blowing my mind, and I love how compact it is. So I can put this in my purse, and I heard you can go to Echo water dot com to find more. I I even saw the Kardashians tweeting about it. I'm just saying I don't really buy into it.

Chip and Kathryn are talking about it, and that's why it's awesome. But just saying, right?

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